Fun Facts About Italy

Italy is located in Southern Europe where a flight to Rome can take roughly two and a half hours from London and eight hours from New York. Below is a list of fun facts about Italy.


1. Italy surrounds the smallest countries in the world. Vatican City in Rome, and San Marino in Northern Italy. The Pope rules Vatican City, and it is the headquarter of the Roman Catholic Church.


2. Italy has more than 4,722 miles of coastline due to the peninsula being located in large part of the Mediterranean sea. Also, Italy has two large islands Sardinia and Sicily and many small ones such as Ischia, Capri, and Elba. In the North, the Alps mountain range separates Italy from other European countries such as Slovenia, Austria, Switzerland, and France.


3. The Italian Wolf is the most popular national animal in Italy. This animal plays a massive role in the Country’s culture. According to history, legends who founded Rome in 753 BC, Remus and Romulus, they were raised by a she-wolf.


4. Italy has a majority of mountains and hills, and the highest mountain, which is Monte Bianco, better known as Mont Blanc, is found in the Italian Alps, the northern mountain ranges. There are many deep and long lakes in North Italy, and river Po is the longest in the whole country. Another tall mountain is the Apennines, which go along separating the West and the East of the country. This is where you can easily see the difference between golden beets and red beets


5. Italy is home to the only active volcanoes in Europe namely, Stromboli off the Coast of Italy, Vesuvius near Naples and Etna on Sicily.6. In Italy, number 17 is believed to be bad luck. This answers why the majority of Italy buildings lack the 17th floor. The Roman numeral XVII for 17, results to this superstition. That is because the number comes from an anagram of VIXI, which means in Latin that My life is over or I have lived.